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Jackie Jack (Time)
For time / Time Cap 20 min:
• 1000m row
• 50 Thruster 20/15
• 30 Pull-ups
• 50 Thruster 20/15
• 1000m row

Sc1: 850 m & 15/10
Sc2: 700 m & 35 rep 15/10

### Sub fyrir róður
1000 m hlaup úti
70/50 kal assault bike/ski erg
750 m Assault runner

### Sub fyrir Pull Ups
Reduce Reps
Jumping Pull-ups
Banded Pull-ups
Ring Rows

# WOD BRIEF + GROUP WARMUP (0:00 – 25:00)
# REHEARSAL (25:00 – 30:00)
# WOD + FLEX TIME (30:00 – 60:00)

A "down and back" variation of the traditional CrossFit.com benchmark, "Jackie", athletes will be moving an empty barbell, or something light enough that they could compete 50+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. Within the workout, we are looking to get these done in 1-2 sets. There is the option to use empty barbells or training bars with plates on them to help avoid empty bars being dropped on the floor.

In our opening 1K row, we absolutely still want to pace our efforts here. Coming off this row, we want to be able to move into a large set of thrusters, if not unbroken. In this middle portion, we are in the thick of the workout – 50 thrusters, 30 chest to bar pull-ups, 50 thrusters. Much of this workout comes down to how well we manage these repetitions. Let it be a very hard effort to finish this portion, with the aim being that we just need to get to the row.

If we can do that, it doesn’t matter how exhausted we are – we can still get the rower moving. On meters, it’s less about absolute intensity, and more about simply getting going. Even if we are absolutely spent from the effort to get there, we can slow-pace our efforts until we recover. The time we could potentially gain on the row by rowing a full five seconds faster on the /500m is 10 seconds. It is incredibly easy to lose 10 seconds in an extra break on the thruster barbell… it often creeps far higher, at 15-20+ seconds.

Knowing that we can recover on the initial 100, even 200 meters on the row, let’s push to get there first. And on this row, let’s start our "final push" early. We don’t want to wait until the final 100 meters to push our pace. But rather, let’s aim to get 1-4 seconds faster in the final 300 meters.

## :30 Seconds
Easy Row / Jog
Active Samson

Moderate Row / Jog
Active Spidermans

Faster Row / Jog
Push-up to Down Dog

## Barbell Warmup
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

## PVC Pass Throughs – 1 Minute
## Ankle Stretch – 30 Seconds Each Leg
## PVC Stretch – 1 Minute

### Movement Prep
20 Seconds Hollow Hold with Band
20 Seconds Arch Bar Hold with Band
5 Kip Swings with Band
1-3 Strict Pull-ups
3 Kipping Pull-ups

5 Pausing Front Squats
5 Hip Pops (Push Press with No Arms)
5 Push Press
5 Thrusters

## 1 Round
150 Meter Row
10 Thrusters
5 Pull-ups